Mitko Yugovski

product designer @vmware

I design professional enterprise products led by customers' feedback and expertise.

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I showcase my work at the biggest events in Europe

Video platform

Video platform

TV Interface - Home page
Product: Flow
Client: Telecom Argentina
Auditory:  4+ million active users
“The best entertainment video experience for everyone.”

In 2018 my job was to build an accessible and scalable design system that helps people to have the best entertainment video experience no matter where they are.

Simple, right? .. but how to design something that can adapt to so many completely different devices without breaking the consistency of the user experience?

After many onsite workshops with the client, thousands of hours of design work (no joke), and a ton of user feedback, I successfully turned this challenge into the biggest and the most successful design project which delivers to millions of users their favorite video content.

No matter if using an old school Set-top box or top-notch TV platform from Apple, Google, Amazon, or N-Vidia - the user is able to watch at home and on the go seamlessly.