Mitko Yugovski

Digital Product Designer

For the last ten years, I have the privilege to work with a lot of companies on very challenging projects, meet with interesting people and travel around the world.

As a Product Designer, I am responsible for doing a design that makes sense and helps people to achieve their goals with less effort. I genuinely believe defining the right design process, and product goals, based on stakeholders and users feedback is crucial and can save a lot of time and money.

The purpose of this webpage is to share with you interesting projects and handcrafted design materials that can be useful for your business and hopefully much more.

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My work has been presented in the biggest shows in Europe.

FLOW Cablevision




TELECOM Argentina

MY ROle:

 Product design lead

For three years my job was to analyze and define the core use cases of massive TV platform used by more than 20 million people of all ages.

Because of the variety of the supported devices, I found that different context of use gives people unique use cases and requires a specific design approach. My team and I built a Design System that allows us to unify the experience across all devices and test new features faster than ever.

Linen Fashion


LINEN fashion


Product design, Branding

The primary purpose of the platform is to allow users to do shopping as never before. It offers the advantages of both traditional physical and online shopping. Allow people to try products in a store and order them later online with delivery straight to their door.

The unique set of features also contains "Scan to see online," even Smart Mirror integration that enables people to try on products that doesn't exist in the physical store and much more!


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